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Welcome to Copper Witch Designs. I’m the Copper Witch . . .  because I love Copper!  I started making jewelry almost 15 years ago.  At that time, I had 2 pliers, a hole punch, and a pair of kitchen scissors.  Like many newbies, I worked on my kitchen table.  Eventually, I bought a crème brule’ torch and a pizza tile.  I couldn’t imagine having all the equipment required to color, texture and shape metal, let alone fire up a real torch.  But, everything evolves.  And, now I’m fortunate enough to have the equipment and experience necessary to do all these things… and I love making jewelry parts! 

So… my business is now all about making jewelry components for other newbies. For the kitchen table jewelry makers, the people who just want to make cool gifts for their friends and families, and for people who are trying to get a start on their own businesses.  Whatever it is you want to do … let’s do this together!  Please feel free to use my products and design ideas to go wherever your heart takes you – whether that is for personal use or business use. 

I offer a collection of my own  products, which are all hand made by me in Asheville North Carolina. I employ only eco-friendly, natural techniques and processes.  I am also pleased to offer a selection of Vintaj products, which are also meticulously hand made with eco-friendly processes.

You can find more information about all of the products offered on my site in the FAQ section.

I donate 10% of all profits to animal welfare organizations annually.

Thank you!

Jamie Belongia

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