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Let’s Talk About Forming Pliers …

Round Nose vs. Multi-Step Forming Pliers …
… Let me just save you some time.

There are lots of forming pliers out there, but right now, we’re just going to talk about Multi-Step Pliers vs. Round Nose Pliers.  OK … so, what are they?


One of them (the Round Nose ones) have two identical cone-shaped graduated forming surfaces.  The other ones (the Multi-Step ones) have 6 distinct graduated forming surfaces – 3 in each side.


Both will allow you to make loops.  Round Nose Pliers will allow you to make little cones, delicately pulled coils and other cool stuff you may think of.  Round Nose Pliers are spontaneous and perfect for when you have no constraints.

However, when you’re making pieces where you need your connectors to be uniform, or a specific size, you can’t beat Multi-Step Pliers.  Think:

  • Earrings – you don’t want one to be shorter than the other
  • Ear wires, jump rings, figure 8 connectors, bead connectors, etc. (if you make your own)
  • Pieces that will hang next to each (evenly, or on a graduated angle)

The  Multi-Step Plier assures you accuracy and symmetry is cases such as these.  Just pick the size for the loop(s) you want and make your loops!  Any size you want.  Consistently.  Trust me … I spent a lot of time messing up earrings and all sorts of connectors before I figured this out.  🙄  I don’t know why … It’s really kind of a no-brainer.  It might be that I was busy thinking of more exotic tools.  Or maybe I thought I’d show myself how skilled I was by making things as hard as possible for myself.  Regardless, just in case you’re like me and are missing the obvious… get yourself a pair of Multi-Step Pliers and make your life a little bit easier.  Seriously… just do it!

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