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Straightening Crooked Wire

The struggle is real …

OK … it’s not so much a struggle as an annoyance.  But, it doesn’t really have to be … because there’s this guy.  It’s called a … wait for it … Wire Straightener Tool.  Made by Artistic Wire.  Available from any bead store and on Amazon, but so far, the best price I’ve seen is on Rio Grande’s website  (I’m including a link below).

I spent several years trying to straighten my wire with my pliers or, worse, by rolling it on a flat steel surface with a steel bench block.  Then I found this little tool and brought an end to that aggravation.  And, I’m going to show you (quickly) how to use it.  It’s fast, easy, and doesn’t require you to clear a space right in the middle of your project to roll your wire between 2 steel blocks (which, incidentally, cost a lot more than this tool…)

So … first, take your piece of cut wire and lay it on the open tool with about ½” of
wire protruding so you can firmly grip it with chain nose (or flat nose) pliers.

Firmly grab the end of the wire in your pliers and roll the tool around the wire.

Hold the tool shut firmly with your other hand and pull the tool towards the long end of the wire.
(You can also hold the tool and pull the wire through it with your other hand – whichever works best for you.)
It’ll take a few pulls the first time you use it to figure out how tight to hold the wire
and the tool, and how hard to pull, but once you get it … that’s it!

You’ve got straight wire… in seconds!

So … where can you get this little miracle?  Lots of places.  Just search for “Wire Straightener Tool”.  But, I recommend going to Rio Grande for the best price:

Rio Grande Wire Straightener Tool

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Want to make your own jewelry, but struggling with a crooked wire? Learn how to straighten a wire with this step-by-step tutorial and straighten your wire now! #jewelrymaking #makeyourownjewelry #DIYjewelry