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It’s Almost Halloween – Let’s Talk About Witches

Little Forged Copper Witches, that is…

For most of my life, my brother has held the opinion that I’m a witch. Not a bad witch…just a witch. It’s probably due to my weird dreams and imagination. Or, how I relate to nature. Or, maybe he just sees something else there.  Me? I’m not sure. But, I do know that, for years, I’ve imagined that I have a small band of scrappy little witches (“the witchlets” — or the “endangered witchlets” as a friend of mine calls them) who live with me and whose sole purpose (with a few exceptions) is to wreak absolute havoc in my life every day. I picture them sitting, lined up along the windowsill next to me in the morning, quietly drinking their coffee and swinging their little striped-stockinged-legs, looking reasonably innocent, while planning their next adventure at my expense. Throughout the day, they hide things from me, break my tools, lock me out of the house, and trip me with the dog. At night, I imagine them randomly strewn around my bed like someone just threw them there, contentedly snoring and dreaming about their great successes. However, for all their shortcomings and in spite of the trouble they cause me, we’re old friends and when I really need them, they can be quite comforting.

So, it’s really no wonder that, when it came to naming my business of copper jewelry and home decor, I named it Copper Witch Designs and chose a witch for my icon and logo.

My first witch sculpture (Practica, a kind, sage little witch) just sort of imposed herself on me one day from leftover scraps of forged copper that were laying on my workbench. I made her never expecting that she would be of interest to anyone but me; however, I must not be the only person who is familiar with witchlets because she’s been surprisingly popular.  In fact, her popularity has led me to think that I should share my witchlets, rather than keeping them a secret (lest anyone think I’m crazy).

So, I’ve decided to let the other witchlets out into the world, one at a time, by bringing them to life in my copper sculptures. And, I’ve just completed my second witch (who started lobbying sometime in August to be this year’s Halloween Witch).  It took a while to figure her out, because she wanted an action pose, but once I got her skeleton planted on the broom,

the rest started to fall into place…

And so, may I introduce Agatha, the second witch in my signature series of Witches.

Handmade Forged Copper Halloween Witch on Broomstick

She’s an Aviator … of sorts…  🙂

Forged Copper Witch Wall ArtForged Copper Witch Wall ArtForged Copper Halloween Witch

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And stay tuned for my next blog about this year’s Holiday Ornament for Asheville Humane Society.  If you missed the introduction on this you can catch up  HERE.