Copper Witch Designs

OK. Let’s talk about this little guy …

I like to think that the leaves I find for my patterns are “volunteers” … that they somehow jump in front of me because they really want to be models.  Silly, I know.  But, just about the time I convince myself to let go of this ridiculous fantasy, a determined little leaf convinces me otherwise.  Like this little guy.  A baby Scarlet Oak leaf. He’s only two inches long.

My studio opens out to a screened deck and also leads into my bedroom.  The deck is always filled with leaves because the trees hang over it and, honestly, I’d rather make copper things than sweep the deck. My workbench is right by the sliding door, which I leave open so I (and my “employees” – dogs, cat, birds) can enjoy the deck. In spite of that, there are surprisingly few leaves on the studio floor, and they rarely make it into my bedroom.  But this little guy came all the way into my bedroom three times this week. Three. So, you tell me …. Is he a volunteer?  Or, is he just a statistic?  I know what I think.

The Scarlet Oak, one of 60 species of oak trees found in the United States (600 species worldwide) is, by far, one of the most striking of the oak trees. Found in the eastern United States from Maine to Georgia and as far west as Missouri, it can reach up to 80 feet in height, with a branch spread of 50 feet. It provides food and shelter to pretty much all forest dwellers. In spring and summer, its leaves are deep emerald green. In autumn, its leaves change to brilliant colors ranging from deep russet to stunning scarlet.  The leaves frequently remain on the tree deep into winter, producing a vivid portrait against winter skies and snow.  In short, it is spectacular.

So, why wouldn’t this little guy want me to share that on Copper Witch Designs? Yeah … he volunteered, and he’s primed to be someone’s necklace or wall hanging.  Stay tuned …!